Child Care Resources of Southwest Michigan

Upcoming Events: 

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May 22th 10:00AM-1:00PM: Head start "end of year" event (three rivers, MI)

may 24th 6:00pm-7:30pm: Head start health & resource night (Kalamazoo, mi)

May 30th 10:00aM-11:00aM: party in the park (Kalamazoo, MI)


Monthly Provider Spotlight: April 2018

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to Our Newly Great Start to quality

rated programs! 

Dorthy Mclntrye

Pullman GSRP

Valleywood GSRP

A Step Above

Bloomingdale Head Start

Lighthouse Christian C.C

Alley's Little Daycare

SMC Head Start          

Small Steps  

Tobey Child Care  

 Milham Head Start

Portage Head Start

 Bangor Head Start

Keeler Migrant Head Start

Maple St. YMCA







to our programs who have Re-rated and continued on with the Great Start To quality Program!

Witheral Child Care  

CU GSRP Lakeview     

Debbie Haskins

Hawkeye Preschool

Sturgis GSRP

Alice Miller           

Teresa Tipton            

Portage Cong. Comm. Nursery

Gail Pratt                  

Riverview Head Start