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Finding The Right Child Care Center


Finding and choosing the child care, preschool or school age only setting that is right for your child and family can be challenging. Great Start to Quality makes your search for child care, preschool and school age only programs easier, gives you tips to make an informed decision and the confidence of knowing you chose the care in your area that best suits your family’s needs.  


Thoughts to consider when looking for quality child care

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1.    There are three types of licensed and registered child care and preschool programs that you could choose from that best fits the needs of your family:

      a.     Child Care and Preschool Centers – Usually multiple rooms or classrooms, this category includes child care, preschool, nursery school, Head Start and                     Great Start Readiness Programs.

      b.    Family Child Care Homes – A home where early learning and care is provided for up to 6 children

      c.     Group Child Care Homes – A home where early learning and care is provided for up to 12 children.

2.    What time do you need child care or preschool?

3.    How much can you afford to spend per week?

4.    If you receive child care payment assistance, does the provider or program accept those payments?

5.    Do you need transportation? (Some child care or preschool facilities provide pick-up and drop-off. Others will transport school-age children to or from school.)

6.    Are you looking for a provider or program that’s close to home, work or another family member?