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Please Understand: Insights for Assisting Vulnerable Children

  • Van Buren Conference Center 490 South Paw Paw Street Lawrence, MI, 49064 United States (map)

Event Details

Event Fee: Free 

Course Type: Face to Face

Category:  Child Development

Credits/Hours: 3.00

Primary Trainer:  Marcy Peake 


This introductory training is based upon the book, Please Understand, by Marcy L. Peake. The book and training aim to raise awareness and spark new insight into the experiences of young people, especially those from marginalized populations who are often misunderstood. Through a combination of group discussion and activities, attendees will explore realities from the optics of youth and how to reframe approaches to begin building relationship bank accounts. This training is the pre-requisite to the training, “Prepare Instead of Repair: Invoking, Evoking, and Provoking Intentional Connections with Youth and Families.”


Keyara Harley

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Later Event: September 18