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This or This? This or That? Giving Children Choices

  • Cass District Library Main Branch 319 M 62 North Cassopolis, MI 49031 (map)

Event Details

Event Fee: $5.00

Course Type: Face to Face

Category:  Child Development

Credits/Hours: 2.00

Primary Trainer: Helen Massey


A guided research based conversation on the value of giving children choices. When given choices, children stretch their minds and create new and unique combinations of ideas and materials By allowing children to determine what goes on in a room, the teacher promotes their self-regulation. If they have opportunities to make their own choices and feel powerful every day, they will have no need to exert power over others or to break rules behind the teacher’s back. When their desires are respected, it is easier for children to respect others’ wishes.


Keyara Harley

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