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The Magic of Cardboard Boxes

  • MIddleville Christian Reformed 708 West Main Middleville, MI 49333 United States (map)

Event Details

Event Fee: $5.00

Course Type: Face to Face

Category:  Child Development

Credits/Hours: 2.00

Primary Trainer: Victoria Rick


We will first look at the value of imagination. Understanding the importance of developing a child’s imagination, allows us to insure we have the materials available for their creations. From there we will explore ways we can provide play by using cardboard boxes as a platform for their imaginations to explore. Through their imaginations a simple box can be a plane one day and a castle the next. Who knows where loose parts and an assortment of boxes can lead. Core knowledge areas we will explore are mainly child development and teaching and learning. We will explore small amounts of health, safety and nutrition because of the benefits of mental health by inspiring imaginative play. Placing an actual time frame is hard because of their interlacing throughout the training.


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